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I have been traveling the globe since I picked up my first camera.... a Minolta XG1. I created this page so you can see the places I have been and the places I am going soon! The key on the map page has a list of the states and countries I have been and the exact locations. Below is a list with the reasons I traveled to said locations. Have passport, will travel!!

~I went to England, Greece and Turkey in art school as part of a classical civilizations class for my art history minor. I was taking photography courses at the time and I remember coming home with 32 rolls of T-Max black and white film. When I came back I had my very first photography exhibition.

~I had an amazing opportunity to photograph a wedding in Maratea, Italy in 2009 and traveled to Rome and Pompei as well. This was by FAR the trip of a lifetime and I have since sold numerous fine art pieces from my Italy series as well as several exhibitions.

~2009 also brought me on a mission trip to Africa with that took me to Casablanca, Morocco and Burkina Faso, a small country between Mali and Ghana that is the 3rd porrest country in the world. This was a life-changing experience for me and since the trip I have been an advocate on "going green" and have given lectures on the subject as well as my experience in Africa.

~2010 brought me to Grand Caymen and Cozumel, Mexico on a cruise where I photographed for a bellydance company. I photographed several shows that they performed as well as a "trash the dress" shoot on Grand Caymen Island with a gorgeous model. It was my very first cruise and it was awesome! Snorkeling was my favorite.

~I am based in Central Florida and I have shot all over for portraits, bellydance shows, weddings, theater, and events. North Florida, South Florida, and pretty much everywhere in between. Gas is my largest business expense. Someday I hope to have an electric car.

~I travel to Louisiana often since that is where my husband is from. I have a strong clientale in New Orleans and photograph bellydance, portraits, and weddings on a regular basis. Did I mention gas is my largest business expense?

~Michigan is where I am originally from and I have had the great opportunity to travel back home for portrait sessions and weddings 1-2 times a year.

~Los Angeles and San Diego have brought me there for portraits and weddings. San Diego is by far one of my most favorite places to visit!

~Nevada, Illinois, and North Carolina have all brought me there for weddings. I am very familiar with Chicago having grown up going to the art school there for several summers during high school. I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding there and probably one of my favorite and most memorable after sessions ever. In 2012 I went to Charlotte, NC and Lake Tahoe, NV for two very unique themed weddings! I also had the opportunity to photograph for Yallah Magazine in Las Vegas, NV!

~Atlanta, Georgia has a large bellydance community and I have had the fortunate opportunity to photograph "Tribalcon", a large bellydance show that brings in performers and instructors from all over the globe. I was very excited to meet and photograph Zoe Jakes of Beats Antique fame as well as band members of Solace and Al Coffrin and so many other amazing performers!

~2013 brings me to Nassau and CoCocay, Bahamas for Pin-Up photography and our annual Boudoir Bombshells Cruise, Los Angeles for a beautiful wedding, and the country of Ghana for a mission trip with "I Talk to Strangers".

I will be adding a lot more locations in the future and I hope to come to your city and/or country soon!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
<3 Kristen

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